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We are committed the cause.

For over a decade now, the women of the Eastern Congo region have been the ones to pay the price of one of the world’s deadliest civil War since WWII according to sources Impunity and rape are the current issues.  Many women have died from the consequences of brutal rape. Cases such as fistula, HIV infections, and divisions in households all come with this act, and the rest are left with scars for life. A call to action is much needed because no one is strong enough to impact the world on their own. The fight for human rights in the East Congo has to involve women, men, our youth, countries, nations etc.

We are The Voice is a non-profit organization under the state of Texas. The organization has been registered through its new name for 3 years now. WTV emphasizes in community development, human rights and education; their yearly events and fundraisers are ways to portray the beauty in Africa. Our fashion Shows are our big yearly events that showcases the artistic talents of businesses and celebrates the culture and uniqueness of Congo. Through fundraisers, events and speaking engagements the organization seeks to showcase the beauty of Congo behind despair.


Our 4th Annual Event  benefited the cause to assisting battered women and children (orphans) of DRC Congo.
Guests will enjoy an evening filled with Music, Dancing, Auctions, Fashion Show and More! Guests will also have the opportunity for  a meet and greet session with amazing guest panelist. Featuring  Denver Nugget Basketball player Emmanuel Mudiay, Canadian Actor Emmanuel Kabongo,  Co-Founder of Maliaka Yamandou Alexander, Paris Actor and Comedian Redouane Behache,  and more!
This annual event is for supporters, community members, and those value  the importance of Education in third world countries and the importance of empowering women in their communities. About We Are The Voice: The WTV community is made up of a variety of individuals, families, and friends  believe in the cause. Those who  were directly impacted by the civil war that took over a decade or those who care about economic stability in DRC Congo. Since our founding in 2012, with four annual events; the Texas based organization was  able to assist organizations such Malaika (All girls school) Panzi Hospital, etc and currently working with Nzolani Foundation  this year and raised $1,000 for their 2017 Project.

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